Elisa Galanti premiata con il SABA Senior Student Award all’ABAI

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ABSTRACT 2: CABAS Based Model of Interventions in Italy and How We Measure Effectiveness Versus Efficiency

AUTORI: ELISA GALANTI, Fabiola Casarini, Sandra Sesenna, Gianluca Amato

Abstract: In many European Countries, including Italy, governments are struggling to provide children with ASD with early and intensive behavioral interventions within the free Public Health and Education System. While access to early diagnosis is improving, the lack of criteria in ABA effectiveness is hindering the direct application of the science. With the aim to measure treatment effectiveness and efficiency and share the results with national parents’ Associations and the Health Department, we tested the effects of implementing a CABAS® based educational model for 18 young kids, all enrolled in a learning and research centre in Italy. We collected monthly data on total number of Learn Units and learning objectives achieved by each Participant. Centre-wide data on rate of response opportunities to criterion were also analyzed and compared with those registered for a control group of 24 children with ASD of the same age, who were receiving free behavioral interventions for four hours a week only. Data suggest that the CABAS® model can be successfully adapted for different welfare systems and can provide Public Services’ leaders with easy-to-read data on how intensivity of early intervention could be individualized. Further research should compare different treatment’s intensivity packages and add norm-based data.


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