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Measuring Special Education without Special Schools: Challenges and Research Opportunities where Treatment Efficiency is Needed the Most


FABIOLA CASARINI, Elisa Galanti, Adele Vero, Chiara Leuci, Claudia Puchetti


Abstract: Countries such as Italy have welfare systems drastically different from those in the United States. Therefore, it is essential to measure the criteria of effective ABA interventions for children with ASD, that can’t attend special schools or have insurance-covered intensive treatments.We implemented a CABAS®-based treatment package with high educational intensity and modified frequency, in which each participant received intervention for 12 hours a week. Participants were 7 children with Autism, aged 2 to 6 years old at the beginning of the study. The dependent variables were the changes in each child’s ADOS-2 and CARS-2 scores prior to and after one and two years of intervention. The results showed a significant difference between before and after the low-frequency package was implemented, for the total scores and each sub-test of both instruments. Data were also collected about the number of Learn Units to Criterion rate. This preliminary study aims to pave the way for further research, with a larger number of participants and a longitudinal analysis of change. Results suggest that normative tests, together with individual graphs’ analysis, can help differentiate between treatment effectiveness and efficiency and that further research is needed in order to make the necessary progress in improving access to treatment and sustainability.


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